Place your TV in a recess so the screen is flush with the surrounding wall surface.

‘While this doesn't hide the TV, it does make it feel much more seamless than if it were simply mounted on the wall,' says Hugo Tugman, architectural expert from Architect Your Home.

‘The depth of a flatscreen plus the mounting bracket is likely to be around 200mm, so a recess can be difficult to form as it means cutting away so much of a wall. Instead, you can "thicken" the wall where the TV is to be mounted by dry lining with plasterboard.'

How much will it cost?

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Anything from £300-£400 upwards. If the recess and wall is simply plastered and painted, it will costless than a wood - or veneer-clad one. The design pictured is by SHH Architects, but Architect Your Home could also create a wall similar to this with integrated shelving from £3,000, including design, materials and labour.

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