My son's south London flat was mainly laid with a laminate floor when he bought it. The long hallways was carpeted, however, so he replaced it wit ha laminate. Unfortunately, it's a much lighter shade than the existing flooring. Is it possible to dye or stain laminate flooring to match and, if so, where could I source such a product?

Not a chance! Laminate is actually a paper photoprint coated with resin and, because of its resistant properties, you'll have no luck tinting it. If you want to change the colour, your only option is to go for a new floor. It's possible to lay a new one on top of the existing floor, but you may then have to re-set the skirting boards and cut the bottom of the doors to the higher floor level. However, as laminate is a poor imitation of wood and you can now get the real thing for a good price, why not replace it entirely? Engineered wood boards are slices of real wood sandwiched with insulation that absorbs noise. They can also be sanded in the future. Kahrs does engineered boards from £16 per sq m. Or visit Wickes, which sell solid pine flooring for less than £15 per sq m.