Step 1: Measure the width of your chimney breast. Measure half the width of your wallpaper and mark a vertical line this far from the centre, using a chalked plumb line.

Step 2: Measure from the ceiling to the mantel shelf, then from the ceiling to the floor, adding an extra 10cm to each measurement to allow for trimming.

Step 3: Cut a length to go above the shelf. Place face down and brush on the paste, from the centre out. Loosely fold and leave to ‘soak', according to paste instructions.

Step 4: Use your chalked line to position the paper in the centre, brushing down and out. With the back of a pair of scissors, mark where you need to trim at the top and bottom, ease the wallpaper away, trim and ease back.

Step 5: Next, paper the sides of the chimney breast, starting at the edge of the front corner and taking the paper back into the recess.

Step 6: Where the chimney breast joins the wall, mark the line with the back of a pair of scissors, trim and ease back into place, as before.

Step 7: Measure the distance from the edge of the wallpaper in the centre to the front corner of the chimney breast, then add 25mm. Cut a length of paper to this width and hang, taking the extra 25mm round the corner, overlapping the side piece. Repeat for the other side.

DIY tip
If using a pattern design, check it's the right way up - the outside end of the roll isn't always the top.

For more wallpapering advice, check out our video - how to hang wallpaper.