With New Year's Eve just around the corner it's the perfect time to update your champagne glasses.

Finding the right glass is perfect for toasting in the New Year in style, and finding the right flute-shape will actually help make your champagne bubbles last longer!

Managing Director of Riedel UK Stephen McGraw explains, "The standard small size champagne flute is often used in restaurants, consumers are largely unaware there are a number of down sides to this glass shape. Generally, it's too narrow to be able to appreciate the nose of a champagne and the shape of the glass can highlight acidity on the palate."

The right shape glass makes a world of difference to show off fruit characters, balance acidity and reveal mouth-watering aromas. Perfect for filling with fizz are Riedel's Celebration Glasses, which comes in a set of two for £40. For more information visit www.riedel.co.uk.

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