Workers in London's Square Mile could get more than they bargained for if a bonkers plan to turn the Gherkin into a giant pickle get the go ahead.

Yes, you read that right - a giant pickle!

We have to admit, our first reaction at Housetohome was why on earth..? But, well, it's Friday and these pictures definitely brought a (somewhat incredulous) smile to our faces.

Continued below.

Tasty treat: The bonkers proposal could see the Gherkin, one of London's most iconic buildings, turned into a bright green furry-looking pickle! The idea has been conceived by online bingo company \ Solent News / Rex Features

The mad idea is the brainchild of online bingo site, who have submitted the proposal to bosses at the tower and are now waiting for approval. 

The transformation will involve wrapping the glass building, also known as 30 St. Mary's Axe, with a special film and beaming an image of a gherkin onto it. To carry out the transformation it will require a 10-man team carrying out 900 hours of work on the 600ft structure. 

Will it get the green light? The proposed luminous green makeover is designed to make Londoner's smile - we're not sure if this slimy-looking green exterior will make tourists and workers feel queasy \ Solent News / Rex Features

Proposals from come as part of the company's FUNdation bursary which aims to 'bring happiness to the nation'.
Iconic landmark: The famous skyscraper, located in London's Square Mile, was built in 2003 and is now known as one of London's most iconic landmarks \ Solent News / Rex Features
The launch of FUNdation was marked by sailing a giant 50ft by 60ft rubber duck down the River Thames to the delight of stunned onlookers.

Michael Saunders, of, said: "It's been a long and miserable winter and we felt everyone was in dire need of cheering up again.
City slickers: We're not quite sure what City folk - who are more used to seeing the Gherkin in its traditional guise shown here - will make of the proposed plan, but it should raise a smile \ Solent News / Rex Features
"The Gherkin is such an iconic building and with a name like that we just couldn't resist the opportunity to transform it into the very thing.

"It would make for a hilarious and spectacular sight that we're certain would spread a lot of smiles and laughter across the capital."

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