I'm keen to retain the 1940s pale blue Twyford bathroom suite in my house but the wash basin is cracked. Is there any chance of replacing it in a similar colour? Twyford made sanitaryware in two blues in the 1940s: Sky Blue and the slightly paler Jubilee Blue. A basin can be supplied and glazed and fired to match either of these colours at a cost of around £200 for the basin and £140 for the pedestal by Old Colours in Wolverhampton. Discontinued Bathrooms in Barnsley, has been buying up sanitaryware of this type for years and has large stocks of original wash basins, including some in the Twyford blues, priced from £280 to £400. It can also re-fire white pieces to match old colours. H M James in London E12, has some stock of original fittings but also re-fires white pieces. Prices start at around £150 for an inset basin.