Go on, admit it - when you check into a hotel room you are more interested in the bath than the bed.

The truth is, as much as our busy lives only allow for a three-minute shower and two-minute tooth scrub, we all love the idea of relaxing in a designer bathroom with a heavy dose of soap suds and a good book.

From orient inspirations to outrageous gold tubs, these glamorous designs are making us swoon...

Scarlet fever


From the red velvet walls to the floor tap and hexagon tiles, this room screams a designer's touch. Beyond the obvious showstoppers, special features like the fluted sink, pom pom cushion and hand ornament add finishing, detailed touches.

Power on with print


You can never have too many prints, as long as you work them well. The marriage between zig-zags and honeycomb tiles here is achieved thanks to bold artwork, mirrors and brass features that steal the eye. 

Bath in bronze


Bronze is still the metal of choice and it has been added to this rustic, industrial bathroom to give it a sprinkling of glam. The tarnished metal also works well with the terracotta of exposed brick and the natural, oak materials. 

Create a slate cell


Floor-to-ceiling slate slabs with freckled and flecked details make a huge impact in this designer bathroom. Teamed with dove grey, fuss-free floor tiles, a simple white suite and a big bright window, it's really all about the walls here.

Fit it with floral


Floral in the bathroom can be tricky to get right. This designer room opts for a detailed print on the top of the wall with cloud grey paint at the bottom to achieve a look that isn't overpowering. 

Opt for panelled walls


This room balances old and modern fashions in a simple monochrome scheme. The chalky, black panelled wall with chandelier and Regent bath taps work surprisingly well with the rectangular tub, Scandi ladder and lacquered side table.

Be green with envy


Monochrome stripes and verdant green are huge characters on their own, let alone when put in the same room.

Does steel appeal?


No fuss fixtures and discreet taps make the age-old tub the showstopper here. Otherwise, it's all about small glimpses of silvery metals and low-lying mirrored furniture that lend a luxurious hand without overpowering.

Opt for an oriental finish


Oriental colours, mixed materials and high shine finishes create a busy scene in this bathroom. Rich doses of scarlet red metro tiles and precious gold paint take on black floor slabs in a small space.

Escape to Hollywood


Elegant marble with simple white tiles and black jacquard prints evoke a bygone Hollywood era in this devilishly stylish bathroom. Add in a freestanding tub and a black and white portrait and you've got a couture washroom if ever we saw one.

Bejewel your bathtub


On a simple white landscape, gold and silver accents add some glamorous glitz and sparkle. Whilst the cabinet, side table and accessories are all gilded, they are simple in design, allowing the  metal tub to take centre stage.

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Shower like Queen Vic


If you are shunning modern wet-rooms in favour of a traditional look, the Victorian needle shower is essential. Cover the shiny pipes in a simple curtain above polished marble floors and a moody, khaki wall.

Make your restroom multifunction


Multifunction living spaces are becoming more popular as our lives get busier, but we haven't quite seen anything like this bathroom-come-music-hall. The timeless room incorporates a piano alongside a clawfoot bath and vintage tiles.

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