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Garden Calculator

Our simple calculators help you to get a quick and easy estimate of how much you will need of a variety of materials for your next decorating project

1. Dimensions Switch to Imperial units

Please enter the width and length of your garden.

2. Excluded areas

Please enter any areas of your garden you do not want included such as paths and ponds.

3. Calculate!

Enter in the depth of mulch you wish to add and the amount of grass seed you will need to cover 1m² of garden then click the 'Calculate' button.

Leave the field blank if you don't want an estimate for either one.



Please remember that these results are estimates only, you might need more depending on the intricacies of your project. Print out this page and take it along with an accurate plan - to confirm your calculations with the material supplier.

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Grass seed

You will require approximately kg of grass seed.


You will require approximately packs, which will cost roughly .


You will require approximately m³ of mulch.


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