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Before you buy...

Setting up and using a new PC can be a frustrating experience. You've got to figure out which bits to connect where, what software you need, and where to hide all the cables associated with a normal PC. Get rid of messy cables and bulky computer towers with a sleek and streamline all-in-one PC.

A family favourite

The average PC is bulky and tucked away in an obscure corner of the house, where it's difficult to keep an eye on what the kids might be doing on it. So it's no suprise that more families are turning to all-in-one PCs, where the hard drive and screen are combined into a stylish space-saving package. Not only are they smart enough to blend into you living space, but they are almost wire-free and therefore a lot less complicated to set up.

What can they do?

All-in-one PC manufacturers realise that these computers are mostly going to be used by families in a specifically 'lifestyle' way - for making slide shows and home videos, social networking and surfing the net. As such, their interfaces are streamlined to make using all these sorts of functions easier. Many all-in-one PCs offer touch screens, as these are more in touch with the iPhone generation than mice and keyboards. So why not take the PC out of the study and make it the fun and useful family tool it ought to be?

PC, from £579, Dell

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