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How to choose the perfect eco washing machine | Buyers guide | PHOTO GALLERY | Ideal Home

Before you buy...

With energy prices going sky high, we all want to spend as little as possible on doing out washing, so if your machine needs replacing, consider these eco-friendly points:

1) Efficiency

Now the majority of washing machines carry an A grade status in energy efficiency, manufacturers have been working extra hard to make their model stand out. The result is that it's common nowadays for machines to be 10% more effecient that the A rating, and in some cases up to 50%.

2) Water consumption

Machines are using less water than ever before to get your clothes clean, although the bigger the capacity, the more water it will use.

3) Low temperatures

Some models can give clothes a good wash with cold or barely warm water and consequently these programmes are shorter than standard ones as no time is spent heating up the water. Quick-wash programmes are also getting shorter, with some as short as 14 minutes.

4) Sensor washing

A machine with this technology can work out how much washing there is, how dirty it is, and even sometimes the type of fabric and detergent you are using, giving the most energy and water-efficient wash.

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