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How to choose the perfect shed or summerhouse | Buyer's guide

Before you buy...

1) Size and location

The size of your garden building depends on the space you have and what you will use it for. Choose a spot where your shed will get some shade, but avoid overhanging trees if you can, as falling leaves can block gutters and cause dampness if left to accumulate. Likewise, avoid places where water collects during heavy rain. If you'll need electricity or a phone line for working, you'll need easy access to the main source.

2) Sheds and workspaces

Make sure your shed will be high enough for you to stand comfortably inside and has maximum wall space for shelving. For a workshop or potting shed, go for one with plenty of windows on one side where you can put your workbench, and make sure there is enough space around the door for easy access.

3) Summerhouses and studios

Garden rooms provide extra living or working space. Go for a well built, attractive design that suits the surroundings. For an office or studio, your building will need to be weatherproof and well insulated, as well as having heating and lighting.

The summerhouse pictured is from Wickes

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