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Area 51 Chair by Paola Lucidi and Luca Pevere for Calligaris | Livingetc design classics | modern decorating | furniture and accessories | PHOTO GALLERY | Livingetc | Housetohome

It's not often, we at Livingetc advocate the philosophy of stack 'em high, but this particular design classic demands to be piled in a neat, chic formation that brings out its orderly, shapely qualities. First shown at the Cologne International Furnishing Fair of 2008, this sinuous creation in air-moulded polypropylene is both pretty and witty. With a back reminiscent of an alien's face, the Area 51 chair (named after the top-secret US air base in Nevada) brought an enigmatic air to the proceedings.

Lucidi and Pevere's design for Calligaris also demonstrated how the Italian company, founded on the values of wood craftsmanship, now sat just as comfortably with modern technology. At home in a dining space, outdoor space and, no doubt, outer space, we predict the Area 51 will endure for light years to come.

Area 51 Chair, £90, OneDeko

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Photograph by Chris Everard