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Taccia lamp by the Castiglioni brothers

Background Satellites were hot news in 1962, as the first broadcast was bounced across the Atlantic via space. So this table lamp, which went into production in the same year with its sleek dish top and Art Deco searchlight silhouette, would have struck a stylish chord.

Designed by the Castiglioni brothers and produced by lighting giant Flos, the Taccia combines an adjustable glass-bowl base and a convex aluminium dish, which contain, and control, the beam and heat of the bulb. Once described by Achille Castiglioni as the 'Mercedes of lamps, a symbol of success', the Taccia acts as a benchmark for aspirational design, making it one of the heroes of 20th-century illuminations.

Taccia Lamp, £1,264, Flos at Geoffrey Drayton

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