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Floral seating conservatory

Painted chairs and a high bench offer informal seating for both dining and reading. Cottons and linens in fresh blue, cream and stone lend a light, breezy feel. 

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Photograph by David Brittain

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Conservatory decorating ideas for every style

Conservatory decorating ideas for every style

Planning on updating your conservatory? Choose a style to match the rest of your home with our tips on creating either a modern, traditional or country-style scheme. We quiz 25 Beautiful Homes' decorating expert, Penny Botting for her top tips. Constantly in the presence of fantastic readers' homes, Penny has plenty of inspirational ideas to suit your style, whether you're looking for a bold, modern conservatory or a charming rustic garden room. Plus, if you're looking for more of Penny's fabulous advice, watch her other decorating videos: how to create a country-style bedroom and how to plan the perfect hallway.