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Whether it be a full English orcontinental, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for thosewith busy lives it can often be a grab and run affair. Take time out in themorning for a more leisurely experience in comfortable surroundings by creatinga breakfast area that suits you and your family’s needs.

Whilst the majority of people havebreakfast in the kitchen, it does not have to be vast for you to create anappealing place to eat. Where space is tight, think clever hidden storage to maximizethe space, such as a drop down tabletop that can be tucked back up when not inuse. If you have an existing kitchen island, adopt a bistro style feel byadding stools along one side or around one end and help keep the cook a part ofthe action. Alternatively, create a built in seating nook in a corner, idealfor keeping children from under your feet while you cook. Decorate the spacewith family pictures or a gallery of artwork, or create a blackboard with chalkboardpaint to scribble down reminders for the day.

Where there is room for a table, maximizeany natural light by placing it close to the window. Colourful stools will givepunch to your decorating scheme and can be tucked neatly underneath when not inuse, while an extending table is useful to accommodate extra guests.

If you are lucky enough to have a diningroom, don’t just keep it for best - take the breakfast experience to anotherlevel with a proper sit down affair. If it adjoins the kitchen, consider athrough hatch to save on too much back and forth between table and stove.

Whatever your breakfast zone, create a space that entices you to sit down, kick back with a cuppa and ease yourself into the day.

Bright and airy breakfast bar (see above)
Create a space for enjoying your breakfast that works harder by incorporating clever storage. This unit and worktop doubles up as a wine cooler and zone for entertainment, thanks to the TV recessed into the wall.

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