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Shower room with grey tiles, walk-in shower, white basin and white toilet

Shower room designs

Shower rooms are a fantastic way to save space in a small bathroom. Removing the bath and building a large shower enclosure will give you plenty of room to move around, making the area look bigger than ever. You could even go as far as transforming a tiny bathroom into a spacious wet room, to really make the most of the small size.

Every bathroom, no matter how little, can be transformed into a beautiful shower room. Intelligent design will mean you can enjoy a comfortable space the whole family can use -  plus, clever storage solutions will mean you can create a clutter-free haven, where everyone can move around freely.

The best way to make the most of a compact bathroom? Go all out and turn it into a wet room. Matching wall and floor tiles will give the illusion of more space and create a seamless design that looks both chic and modern.

If a wet room is a step too far, install a floor to ceiling frameless shower screen to create the same effect. Add in cubbyhole storage to keep your shower room looking clean and minimalist.

If you prefer something a little more opulent, it is still possible to make a shower room into an extravagant and fun powder room. Add flocked paper to one wall to create a stunning feature, or choose coloured tiles and ornate accessories to add a feminine touch to your shower room. This can be a great idea for en-suite bathrooms.

High-gloss shower room

Maximise extra space in a shower room by installing a recessed mirror to allow for ample shelving. Use high-gloss tiles in one tone throughout to reflect light, and opt for floating units to keep floor space clear.

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