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Traditional white wardrobe

Bedrooms - no matter how big or small - are home to a lot of stuff. Clothing, bedding, shoes, books...the list of items kept in bedrooms is endless.

Decent bedroom wardrobes are essential for keeping clutter at bay, and good quality bedroom storage will only make your busy, stressful mornings easier as you roll out of bed and start your day.

Think about the style and shape of your bedroom when looking for wardrobes. Built-in wardrobes are a game-changer for storage, and bespoke designs will fit into your room design perfectly. If you have alcoves, look for wardrobes that fit the space like a glove - this will avoid bulky bedroom wardrobes sticking out into your room and using up unnecessary space.

Go traditional

A traditional wardrobe with ample hanging room and a good-sized bottom drawer is both practical and stylish. This white-painted design will work well in most settings, from traditional to modern. Get the most from your wardrobe by investing in some large vacuum bags. These ingenious storage solutions allow you to keep out-of-season clothes in the smallest possible space plus they protect against moths, too.

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Photograph by Alexander James