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Chic polished flooring

Polished concrete or stone looks fabulously stylish in a chic, grown-up bathroom like this one, but it's not so practical in a family bathroom as polished concrete or stone can be slippery when wet. Bespoke resin or acrylic flooring could give you a similar affect but with a bit more grip - you'd need to speak to your bathroom designer about this, though.

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Photograph by Jean - Philippe Piter

Bathroom Videos

How to tile a bathroom floor

How to tile a bathroom floor

Tiles are the perfect flooring solution for many different rooms - especially kitchens and bathrooms - and if you're happy undertaking a spot of DIY, there's no reason why you can't lay your own tiled floor. As featured on If It's Broke, Fix It for the TV channel, Home, (Virgin 265 and Sky 246), DIY guru Craig is at hand to show even the most novice of DIYers exactly how it's done. Watch our video for his easy guide to tiling a bathroom floor. For more of Craig Phillips' how-to videos visit the Home website at