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Bedroom storage ideas

Bedroom storage ideas

Discover brilliant bedroom storage that will open up your room and make the most of any space. Great if you are looking for master bedroom ideas or ways to organise a guest bedroom.

A bedroom should be a place to relax and unwind - not somewhere you have to fight through clutter in everyday life. Makeover your current storage so you can not only fit more in your bedroom, but you can make the space look bigger too.

Simple bedroom storage ideas, such as decorative hooks and suitcases that you can instantly add to your bedroom are some of the quickest ways to declutter. Use a long row of hooks to tidy up your jewellery or hang pretty clothing on, when you just don't have the space in your wardrobe. Pretty suitcases and boxes that you can stack up under bed or on shelves will hold all of your essentials, without taking up much extra space.

Alternatively, if you are redecorating or starting to create a whole new bedroom design, built in storage is an excellent option. Putting wardrobes in alcoves is the ultimate space saver and will lend a seamless look to your design.

Storage for bedrooms can be as simple as chest of drawers, bedside table or exposed shelving units. Don't underestimate the value of a dressing table and it's ability to store all of your clutter - at the same time as looking fabulous. Any extra drawers will always come in handy.

Bedroom jewellery storage
Put up a decorative hook rack on a bedroom wall. Not only is it handy for keeping your jewellery effortlessly tangle-free, but it will also create a pretty display. This one sits snugly in a corner above a chest of drawers and behind a curtain - out of reach of tiny hands.

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