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Open-plan dining room with wallpaper feature wall in grey

Wallpaper designs for your dining room

dining room is a great place to experiment with wallpaper, especially if you are lucky enough to have a separate room in which to create the perfect ambience for entertaining.

A separate dining room can support a bold wallpaper choice, so be brave with your selection of colours and patterns and don?t be afraid to experiment. There are lots of wallpapers to choose from including traditional designs such as damasks and stripes to create an elegant feel through to bright florals or geometric patterns for a more modern touch.

If you choose a dark dominant wallpaper design, coordinate it with a contrasting colour on the ceiling and woodwork and team with white crockery and glassware to lift the scheme. The same applies with a bold choice of pattern, as you do not want to overwhelm the room. If in doubt wallpaper one feature wall and keep the rest of the room simple, but tie the scheme together with a similar fabric on window treatments and table linen? take a look at the wallpaper and fabric collections available from companies such as Harlequin, Sanderson and Prestigious who provide a coordinated selection.

Open-plan kitchen/dining rooms are a little more difficult to deal with when it comes to choosing wallpaper, as manydesigns are not suitable for hot and steamy kitchens. Try zoning the room bywallpapering the area you use as the dining space and painting or tiling the kitchen area in a complementary colour. Again tie the scheme together with fabric or kitchen accessories using the same colour in both parts of the room.

Wallpaper is a great way to add the wow factor to your dining room, so take a look at our top ten ideas on how you can transform your dining space in an instant.

Once you've decided on your dining room wallpaper style, make sure you don't ruin the design with clutter! Check out our dining room storage ideas which will help.

Open-plan dining room
In an open-plan room that has both a living and dining area, try visually zoning the room by wallpapering the wall nearest the dining table. Choose a pattern that includes colours from both parts of the room to tie the scheme together.

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Photograph by David Brittain