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Chaise longue in bedroom with stained glass windows, satin curtains and wood floors

Boudoir fit for romance

Create a romantic feel to your bedroom by following a few simple rules, and before you know it you will have created a boudoir perfect for seduction Valentine’s Day night. Just add textures such as velvet, satin, leather and faux fur to create a space ripe for romance. Create a showstopping centrepiece such as a chandelier, or a dressing table with mirrored surfaces for an inviting ambience in the room.

 A chaise longue is a beautiful and sexy piece of furniture adding vintage-style glamour to any room, accessorise with satin cushions and velvet throw — and take full advantage its French design, ideal for seduction...

 Romantic lighting is also key when creating the right ambience in your bedroom. Why not add fairy lights positioned above or around the bed to create some girly romance to the space. Fill vases with tactile feathers, twigs or silk flowers and keep lighting low adding scented candles to create a beautiful aroma and some extra ooh la la.
The texture of fabrics can be incredibly seductive — sheer curtains add a fairy-tale romantic feel to the bedroom. Create a canopy above the bed with floaty silks and add a deep-pile shag carpet or sheepskin rug to add to the romantic theme.
 For a boudoir vibe, scatter petals over crisp white bedlinen and overlay it with a faux-fur or velvet throw. Add a pile of mismatched cushions on top of the bed in rich velvets and satin, just waiting to be reclined on.
A folding Oriental-style screen is a stylish way of creating old-school glamour and romance in your bedroom on Valentine’s Day. It’s a great way to undress in front of your partner if you are shy — and also an enticing seduction technique!

Add a chaise longue

A chaise longue is a sexy piece of furniture - fact! Why not pamper your partner on a chaise longue instead of the bed? And even if you don’t use the chaise longue it adds decadent style to a bedroom or lounge.

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