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Brick garden footpath leading to country house with plants and pots

Transform your front garden with these design ideas

Your front garden is the first thing you - and your visitors - see. A well tended to lawn, characterful porch or striking floral display can immediately lift a house's facade and add instant curb appeal. Alternatively, an enclosed front garden can also help foster a sense of privacy and security, incorporating distance between the public and private spheres. Above all, the front garden sets the tone and character of your house, so it makes sense that you should want to create a space that embodies that. After all, everybody likes to make a good first impression.

Whether you have expansive grounds or a prim patio, stone courtyard or picket fence, there's a wealth of front garden ideas when it comes to the design elements you can incorporate. Trailing flowers or shrubs add instant country charm, while pretty accessories such as bunting or coloured lanterns can make a more modern statement. Footpaths are practical as they prevent mud being trawled indoors and are easy to see in the dark, but choosing the material and style will, of course, depend on individual needs and taste.

Short on space? Not to worry. A practical patio which doubles up as a place to park your car or bike can, when combined with neat ornamental touches, remain an attractive focal point. Similarly, tea lights, whether real or solar-powered, will ramp up the cosiness factor and make even the smallest nook feel inviting. Whatever path - sorry - you choose, you'll be sure to find plenty of inspiration here.

Country front garden with brick paving and pots
Set out a brick path as a stylish country approach to the front door, flanking it with a medley of pots in varied shapes and sizes, including a tall, shapely planter.

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Photograph by Trevor Richards