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Glamorous kitchens on a budget

If you're all about the glamour and style, these kitchens are sure to make you swoon.

It's no secret that having a beautiful, glamourous kitchen doesn't come cheap and this can often be a big drawback for anyone dreaming of a gorgeous kitchen. However, getting that new kitchen doesn't have to cost a fortune. Take a look at these affordable kitchens, which have achieved the chic, classy look without breaking the bank.

Using high gloss paint along with high gloss cabinets in different patterns can add a sleek finish without being overly expensive. These kitchens feature a range of high style accessories - from ceramic sinks to glittery feature tiles - which will not only look beautiful in the kitchen but are also cheaper alternatives to steel sinks or retiling the entire walls.

Add glitzy glam

High-gloss cupboards, glittery tiles and hi-tech appliances give this stylish kitchen a glamorous look. What's more, it doesn't have to cost the earth!

Opting for two different-coloured units has kept this kitchen light and airy, as zebrano can look overpowering, while duck-egg blue accessories give great accents of colour. Plus, if your budget doesn't stretch to a whole new kitchen of expensive units, by splashing out on just a few you can mix and match with more affordable ones.

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