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Grey bedroom ideas

Grey bedroom ideas to fall in love with

If you are looking for grey bedroom ideas, you are in good company. Of all the bedroom colours, it is on-trend grey that is fast becoming the New Magnolia and it seems to be everyone's shade of choice when it comes to decorating. This is good news because high-street and designer outlets are bursting with grey in all its multiple gradations and across every conceivable product - from beds and storage to wallpapers and fabrics, lighting and flooring - the only difficulty will be deciding what's right for you.

Grey is a versatile shade that runs from near-back gunmetal at one end of the spectrum to the palest pastel at the other. If using grey on walls, think about the mood you want to create. You may prefer a darker, dramatic feel over a bright and airy scheme so pick your paint shade accordingly. Or consider paring it with white for a delightful Scandinavian feel.

Decide on how and where you are going to use pattern. If you go for plain, painted walls you will want to introduce florals or stripes on curtains or blinds; bed linen or carpet. Some people prefer to limit pattern to these easier-to-change elements of a room rather than decorating with it, but blowsly florals and smart stripes in tones of grey can be stunning in a bedroom and you might want to consider them. A well chosen wallpaper pattern can be the making of a distinctive bedroom.

Take your style into consideration when deciding on a colour scheme. If you prefer a modern bedroom style, you may want deeper, more dramatic shades of grey. Team them with metal and glass for an industrial edge and keep your scheme predominantly monochrome for a clean, crisp look. In a country-style, vintage-look or more traditional bedroom scheme you might like to bring in gentle powdery tones of blue or pink to temper the grey. One of the joys of this shade is that it can be as masculine or feminine as you like depending on how you use it and what you put with it - a quality that makes it super versatile especially if you and your partner have different bedroom interior design preferences.

Grey bedroom with symmetrical scheme (pictured)

Use a grey striped wallpaper to lead the way in a symmetrical decorating scheme. This one has been hung on a feature wall behind the bed and it throws a pair of white matching wardrobes into sharp relief, highlighting the central role of the bed below. Don't be afraid to mix stripes and florals. Intersperse pattern with areas of plain white and dark grey for a look that is so beautifully balanced it creates its own sense of calm and serenity.

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