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How to design the perfect crafting space

A dedicated craft room is the stuff of dreams. Imagine your own personal haven for arts, crafts and upcycling projects where you can create your favourite makes and really have some fun. Take a look at these brilliant and creative craft room ideas for inspiration.

Any sized and shaped room can work well as a crafting area, so don't think you can't commandeer a room for your work unless you have bags of free space at home. With a little careful planning and some research around lighting, storage and space-savers, that crafty little haven could soon be a reality.

Here, we walk you through all the things you need to think about to make the most of your crafting room. Whether you're a sewing queen, a crafty giraffe or an upcycling fan, here's how to make the space work for your projects...

Get the lighting right
Position your sewing table in front of a window to maximise the natural light, and invest in a good desk lamp for evenings. An adjustable swivel chair will make sitting at your sewing machine extra comfortable. 

Find this desk at OKA and a similar swivel chair from Retrouvius. Head to Country Elements for a metal task light. John Lewis sells great-value sewing machines.

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Photograph by David Brittain