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White dressing table and jewellery bell jar

Follow these simple step to create the perfect dressing room

A pretty dressing room is every woman's dream. To have your own personal space to get ready in is such a luxury and can make rushed mornings much less stressful and leisurely evenings even more of a treat.

If you've always wanted a walk-in wardrobe, an opulent dressing table or an area to display lavish trinkets and accessories, then you no doubt have your perfect dressing room in mind. Let our experts guide you in all the little extras that will make that space so much more stylish and organised...

Start with your main furniture. A wardrobe is an obvious place to begin when designing the perfect dressing room. Choose carefully to make sure you get the most storage space out of your wardrobe. Make sure there is plenty of shelving in your wardrobe so you can stack up labelled boxes, filled with of all your favourite clothes.

A white dressing table is another pretty place to make the most of smart storage solutions. Slot boxes under your table to keep all of your extra accessories safe and display your favourite jewellery and perfume either in bell jars or on beautiful glass trays on top of the dressing table.

There are so many ways to pack your clothes and accessories away in a dressing room. Choose breathable storage boxes, lined with acid-free tissue paper to protect your favourite knits, or keep lingerie in cotton storage bags, hanging on your door. Padded hangers are a pretty way of protecting your clothes and will mean you can keep your favourite clothes on display, without losing that boudoir aesthetic.

Keep your jewellery organised
A dressing table should keep all your small accessories close to hand. Display your favourite pieces of jewellery on a classic tree placed under a glass cloche to protect them from dust.

Find a dressing table like this at New England Lifestyle. The jewellery stand is from The Contemporary Home.

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Photograph by Tim Young