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Tonal grey bedroom with barrel table

Be creative when planning your bedroom furniture - it's an easy and fun way to make a statement and stamp your style and personality on a room.

Your bedroom is the one room in your home that is all about you: it's your relaxing space that should show off your personality with ease. There are numerous ways to have fun with your bedroom design - and the easiest and strongest is statement furniture. Think unusual shapes, bold colours and striking designs.

From 'tree beds' (yes, really) to dramatic headboards and over-the-top light fittings, have a look through our round up of the best striking bedroom furniture to make a statment in your very own space...

A barrel of laughs
This multi-functional barrel bedside table not only looks pretty on the outside, it also functions as a handy storage unit. Made from reclaimed wood, it can be painted to suit your scheme. Chalk paints are a great choice for furniture, as they don't require a primer, making it a time- and cost-effective option.

Bed and rug
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Photograph by Paul Massey