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Give your hallway a storage makeover

Constantly clambering over clutter? Sort it out for good with these handy tips for a smart and practical hallway. Even the smallest solutions such as coat hooks and wall-hung shelving units will make a huge amount ofdifference to your hallway — the main aim is to keep clutter off the ground.

Console tables provide a great opportunity for adding decorative flair with pictures, ornaments and flowers, but also as a place to store items. Look for a narrow but wide design that has drawers, racks, shelves or even a pull-out desk so it can double up as a temporary office space.

Recessed storage is probably best if you're up for the task — the cavenous space under the stairs is usually ideal for storing items. For easy access, go for pull-out drawers or sliding doors, which will also help keep the look streamlined. You could even build a reading nook or study area under the stairs with built-in shelving to make the space work harder.

Don't forget that every inch of your hallway counts so using your corners in a clever way will help. Angled furniture, such as a corner shelving unit or storage bench with a seat, is a great way to squeeze in vital storage where space is at a premium.

Utilise your space under the stairs

This nifty recessed storage unit cleverly provides individual cubby holes for each member of the family to store their belongings. An additional storage bench that doubles up as a seat for taking off shoes is a real bonus. Prevent it from looking too cluttered by sticking to a cohesive scheme - this neutral palette mixed with a calming lilac is a good example.

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Photograph by Nick Keane