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Summer-flowering bulbs | Jobs to do in the garden in April | Garden | Homes & Gardens

Gardening jobs for April

April sees the arrival of warmer weather so it's time to head out into the garden to start sprucing things up. Give shrubs a makeover by pruning them into neat shapes and cutting out any dead wood while leaves are still at shooting stage so you can see exactly what's going on. Give borders the hoeing and weeding treatment to tidy things up and try to do this once a week from now on. Give your lawn a feed - if you want to keep things organic (and we think this is a great idea) opt for a spray of liquid seaweed. Unwrap exotic plants from their protective horticultural fleeces. Clean out your pond and other water features, and consider investing in some new water plants. It's also time to start planting up your hanging baskets, tubs and window boxes but you do need to keep a firm eye on the weather and watch out for late frosts. Young vegetable plants and seedlings are now well on their way but should still be kept under cover for the same reason. It's also a good time to plant summer bulbs for a splash of colour in the garden later in the year.

Summer-flowering bulbs
Make sure your summer-flowering bulbs are in the ground; we like Viridiflora (pictured,) Bloms Bulbs, Anemone coronaria (try Victoriana Nursery Gardens,) and lupins (try Fentogollan).

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