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Kitchen shelving ideas

Whether wall-hung or freestanding, these great kitchen shelving solutions really make a statement. Let your kitchen shine with these stunning storage ideas. As well as allowing freedom of movement, cupboard-free walls create a feeling of light and space. Paint you shelving in the same colour as the walls so that they seemingly disappear into the background, or paint them in a contrasting colour so that they sing out. If you prefer a laid back style, opt for open shelves. Not only does it allow easy access to much-used items, it is also great for showing off stylish crockery, utensils and ceramics.

Fit double rows of shelving

Use two rows of shelves instead of cupboards to maximise storage while allowing light to flood into a small space. Keep shelf depths shallow if headroom is at a premium and add carved supports below for an extra layer of detail. The Spitalfields kitchen by Plain English starts from £40,000.

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