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Kitchen storage ideas with a place for everything

Looking for clever kitchen storage ideas? There are so many demands on the modern kitchen - it's not just a space for cooking but also for dining, entertaining, relaxing and family life. And, regardless of size, well-considered storage keeps the space clutter free and easy to use.

Before embarking on a kitchen project, take stock of your kitchen possessions so you know how much you need to store. The 'where' is just as important as the 'what' and a good designer will devise a layout that puts the necessary storage in all the right places.

A pantry or larder should be close to your fridge and freezer for instance, making it quick and easy to unload groceries. Likewise, china and cutlery should be near the dishwasher. It is usually a good idea to keep storage for glasses and frequently accessed items away from the main cooking area so as not to interrupt the cook.

Quick tips

■ Don't waste the end of an island, it can be used to create feature shelves for your favourite cookbooks.
■ Look for small gains. A rail along the splashback can be used to hang utensils,
kitchen roll holders, a knife block etc, or consider creating a narrow cupboard with sliding doors across that can house bottles of oils, vinegars or spices.
■ A plate rack can be useful and stylish, especially in a classic kitchen, think wooden rack with white plates or pottery platters.
■ Open shelves can be used for display, consider one-colour collections of Japanese ceramics, a row of vintage soda siphons, a group of large serving platters, the choice is yours. 
■ Be creative, use every inch of space if you need to: backs of doors to hang pan lids, plinths for low-level drawers, pull-outs in slender spaces between cupboards for oils and vinegar, or for purpose-made fitted trays.

Pretty country kitchen dresser (pictured)
Cut clutter and get your kitchen under control with a pretty yet functional dresser like the one in this white kitchen. A stylish dresser isn't just for display purposes - it can also provide essential storage for fine china and beautiful serving platters.

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John Lewis of Hungerford

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Photograph by Robert Sanderson