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Living room with black flock wallpaper

Add drama to your living room design

For an eyecatching modern living room, decorate a feature wall with a bold black and silver flock wallpaper and team with pops of colour such as hot pink.

A bold paint shade is an easy way to add drama, and perfect for areas such as an alcove or feature wall. Hang a decorative wall mirror for added impact and to reflect light, lifting the overall look. Go for statement lighting too — a sparkling black glass chandelier will look really glam.

When choosing furniture go for a classic sofa, such as a Chesterfield, but opt for a modern shade such as rich plum to keep the look contemporary. Dress the sofa with an array of cerise pink and white cushions and mix it up with a Union Jack design.

A black wood coffee table will work perfectly in a modern room like this — brighten the look with a hot pink rug underneath.

Show off accessories on simple floating shelves in black, which look great fitted in a small alcove. If you've got a hearth and have space to display accessories, opt for a decorative bowl in shimmering pink and fill with tealights.

Give a sophisticated scheme pops of colour
Team a flock wallpaper in black and silver with flashes of hot pink and fashionable plum for a modern living room scheme that's full of drama. Wallpaper just one feature wall to avoid overpowering the room with pattern.

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