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Luxury bathroom ideas

Luxury bathroom designs

A luxury bathroom is the ultimate treat after a busy day at work. We can't think of anything better than to come home to a luxurious bathroom for a long, relaxing experience. A glamorous setting of feature walls, ornate furniture and exquisite details transform your bathroom into something really special and will help you to unwind or just indulge in a little me time at the weekends.

If you are updating your home and giving every room an opulent makeover, what better place to start than in the bathroom? There are so many ways to make your bathroom more luxurious and create a haven you can't wait to get home to. Start planning your bathroom updates now with our editor's brilliant ideas for creating a luxurious atmosphere at home - and a designer bathroom style for less.

Vintage and period-style features will instantly make a room look more glamorous. Be bold and go all-out with patterned wallpaper, flocked curtains and a roll top or free-standing bath. You can even add in painted screens, shabby chic or French châteaux cabinets and elegant dressing tables to give your room a more luxurious look and feel. Feeling brave? Add in a classic bust for a really extravagent look.

Alternatively, ultra modern and sleek bathrooms can also achieve a luxurious feel. Choose dark and sumptuous colours, offset by a plush copper bath and deep wood flooring for a moody vibe that is so on trend. Or go completely the other way and opt for brilliant white and silver with a feature wall or mural for a light and airy bathroom that looks fresh and so much more spacious.

Fitted bathrooms can also add a touch of luxury given they have a sleek and chic look.

Luxurious period-style bathroom

Stripes, florals, classical-style busts... there's no reason to hold back in the bathroom. More is definitely more when it comes to the luxurious things in life.

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