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Navy kitchen ideas

Navy kitchen ideas that put style at the heart of your home

A navy blue kitchen might not be your first thought when deciding on a new colour scheme for the heart of your home, but think again, as the classically smart shade of blue can create a crisp and sophisticated look that works surprisingly well with a variety of combinations.

The great news is that if you are seriously addicted to neutrals, heavy blue is the perfect foil to perk them up as they make a soothing and stylish base for this dramatic look. Choose just one shade of blue and one or two neutrals such as soft taupe or linen. The simplicity of this combo is its strength and it will lose impact if too many shades or accent colours come into play. If you must add an accent keep it tonal with stainless-steel appliances.

Alternatively, nothing makes navy blue stand out like bright white - they are the perfect combination for modern country kitchens. Elegant, fresh and timeless, the contrast is instantly uplifting. Mix in warmer elements like natural wood to soften the strong effect. Or, for a more traditional farmhouse feel, team navy blue with cream and add plenty of rustic kitchen ideas touches such as a zinc-topped table and carved pine furniture.

For more traditional kitchen tastes, Shaker units become accentuated and high-end when painted in classic navy blue. If painting all cabinetry blue is a little daunting, why not go for one focal piece such as a dresser or kitchen island and tie the scheme together with navy kitchen tiles, a splashback or accessories. This is a tailored look perfect for those who love classic design.

For modern kitchen fans, navy blue can really pack a punch when used with clean-lined gloss cabinetry. Enhance the impact with red accents to take the look retro or pare it down with shades of grey or biscuit. If navy blue cabinets are too permanent, a quick coat of paint on a wall is the simplest and most cost effective way to add the tasteful shade to your kitchen for super chic results. Painted kitchens can look incredibly stylish and sophisticated when done right.

Country cream kitchen with navy blue wall tiles (pictured)

Inky blue metro tiles add depth and character to this inviting and homely kitchen. Red polka dot wallpaper injects a touch of fun and stops the room from becoming too dark. A reclaimed table and wooden bench add a vintage edge, while red Eames-style chairs tie in with the wallpaper co-ordinating the look.


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