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Painted kitchen inspiration

Painted units are a practical choice. Thanks to their durable finish, they rarely show scratches and other signs of daily wear and tear. Available in matt, satin and gloss finishes, it's also a versatile option. It's soft finish makes it ideally suited to traditional cabinetry, but painted units will also sit happily in a modern design. A popular look is mixing three different shades to give the casual feel of an unfitted kitchen, and also to break up a long run of cabinetry. Most schemes are painted in situ by professionals, but if you're looking for a quick update for your flat-fronted cabinetry, you can send your units away to be spray-painted.

Shaker-style kitchen with painted stools
Add warmth to your kitchen decorating scheme with splashes of gem colour. Solid blocks of striking colour can emphasise the freestanding design of furniture and accessories. The bar stools here have been painted in a rich blue shade to add a vibrant punch of colour to the muted tones elsewhere. This break in the colour scheme helps to highlight the eating area as a distinct space.

Kitchen units
Richard Baker Furniture
Bar stools
Bar stool paint
Jubilee Blue by Fired Earth

For a bar stool alternative, see the Hector Stool on Swoon

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Photograph by Richard Gadsby