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Small bedroom ideas

Small bedroom ideas for all spaces and styles

Small bedrooms don't have to look and feel the size of a shoebox. Forget the idea that tiny spaces can only be decorated in light colours and with minimal furniture and learn how to create a small but beautiful bedroom, filled with colour and texture with our inspirational ideas.

Look for the right small bedroom design for your space. Finding the right design for a small bedroom can be a challenge. But with smart planning, clever bedroom storage ideas and a the use of bedroom colours, even the most petite bedroom can feel spacious and clutter-free.

Start by choosing your theme. Opting for something chic and elegant, such as a blue and white colour scheme will create a stunning base to build on. Add touches of toile on soft furnishings, a shabby chic bedroom cabinet and a fabric chair and your small bedroom will be filled with French charm.

If you love bold prints, don't shy away from your favourite pattern in a small bedroom. Whether it's on walls or soft furnishings, make a feature out of a strong design: Papering one wall with flocked or floral wallpaper will stop the pattern from taking over the small room, but will still achieve the desired finish.

Save space by choosing smart storage solutions, such as under-the-bed boxes or built in shelving units, or by opting for a single bed over a double. If you are renovating an attic, slot the bed under the sloping roof to make room for more furniture. Create depth with textured soft furnishings, warm colours and personal touches to give the room a homely touch.

Pretty bedroom with feature wallpaper (above)
A feature wall is a relatively simple but high impact way to transform any room in your home. Pretty up a small bedroom with a floral wallpaper design. Avoid overpowering the space by hanging it on one feature wall behind your bed.

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