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Re-vamp your home on a budget

Re-vamp your home on a budget

Hands up who's been hibernating recently, waiting for the bad weather to pass? So much time spent at home can make you focus on those improvements you've been meaning to make for years. But a re-vamp needn't mean re-mortgaging the house to start from scratch. A few simple changes could make all the difference.

Bedroom beautifying

The bedroom should be the sanctuary of your home, so if yours looks more like the aftermath of an explosion in a clothes shop, it's time to take action. Start by having a clear-out of your clothes and accessories and pack up those items you haven't worn in years. You can either take your cast-offs to a charity shop or, better yet, hold a clothes swapping party. That way, all your old clobber will be given the chance to find a new loving home, and you may even pick up a few new pieces for yourself.  

If there's little order in your bedroom, invest in some budget bedroom furniture and storage. Under-bed storage is a great way to hide unsightly clutter - chunky winter warmers and electrical beauty products needn't take up valuable space. You can even vacuum-pack your bits and bobs for extra room.

If you've got a gigantic shoe collection, display them with pride on a shoe rack or in clear shoe boxes.

And, of course, some serious attention has to be paid to the focal point of the room - the bed! Update your interior with bedding in the season's hottest styles - retro geometric prints and vintage cottage florals. Match duvet covers with throws and cushions to perfect the house-proud look.

Windows to the soul

Windows frame rooms and nothing will freshen up your home like new curtains or blinds. You can get some great deals through catalogues or by shopping online. Go for vintage florals for Fifties-chic, light, lacey materials in white or cream for a fresh feel or deep reds for a warm luxurious look.

Blinds can add a modern edge to your home decor and work best in functional rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Remember to chose curtains and blinds that will help you get what you want from your rooms. Dark and heavy fabrics in the bedroom will keep out the light, while lighter, fresher materials will help give the living room a bright and airy feel.

Spread the load

If you're looking to make bigger home investments, remember that you don't have to shell out for everything up-front. Many retailers will let you spread the cost of larger purchases over anything from 20 weeks to five years! This method of payment is perfect for the more expensive focal pieces that can change the look and feel of your home.

Invest in new uber-comfy sofas, a dream American-style fridge or an lg plasma widescreen - your friends will be falling over themselves to come round!