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Designer bedding for your home

A guide on decorating your bedroom in time for winter

If you are thinking about decorating your bedroom in time for winter here is a quick guide on all the winter must-haves, from designer bedding to vintage lamps.

1.    Bedding

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, bringing a sense of harmony and peace to a room. Research suggests that you spend one third of your life in bed making luxury bedding a lifetime investment.

The type of bedding you choose reflects on the style and nature of the room. Are you a larger than life character who loves bright colours or do you like the classic and elegant clarity of cream and white colours?

Whichever you prefer there is a style of designer bedding available for you. You can often find a wide variety of bedding online and in stores ranging from luxury designer bedding to celebrity homewear such as Kylie Minogue bedding.  Even with basic white sheets, good bed linen is an investment.

Texture and fabric can add also character to a room. One tip to improve your room is to use Velcro fabric on the headboard; this allows you to instantly update your room time and time again.

2.    Colour scheme

Bright colours bring an element of fun to a bedroom and you don't have to necessarily paint every wall one bold and bright colour - you can subtly blend in bright colours with natural colours. Warm colours such as mint green and honey yellow work really well for country and farmhouse bedrooms, as they create a sense of cosiness. You could also add one wall of print wallpaper for a modern look.

However, think about which walls you use the most, could shelves or other furniture make a print wall look too busy? Will a large wardrobe take up a lot of space?

3.    Lighting

Lighting is equally important to the room as the walls themselves. They create ambiance and atmosphere. The way the space is lit up can completely affect the mood of the room. Low lighting creates a sense of intimacy and cosiness; bright natural lights create a sense of clarity and space.  The amount of lighting you have can have a direct impact on the perception of the size of the room.  Bad lighting could make even the most elegant bedding and furniture look dull.

Large amounts of natural light can make a room seem bigger in size.  You may need different types of light in a bedroom. At the end of a long day you need low lights to wind down before going to sleep, yet you need strong lights for getting dressed in the morning. Wall lights need to be positioned either side of the bed to provide the ideal reading light and matching hotel style bedside lamps could create symmetry and balance to the room.

4.    Accessories

Mirrors are a great way of creating the impression of space in a bedroom. Not only that but they are practical too. Storage, lampshades cushions and candles are all very easy accessories to swap and change should you want to decorate your bedroom.