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Making bedtimes that little bit easier

Children for a number of reasons simply despise being told to head towards bed.

Childhood is perhaps the only period in our lives when we genuinely hate going to bed. As teenagers, we spend most of our time there and, as adults, we're forever wishing we had a little bit more time there. Yet children, for a number of reasons, quite simply despise being told to head towards their place of slumber for the evening.

One step towards making the process perhaps a little easier could be making the bedroom a little more appealing to be sent to in the first place. The designer's eye can often stop short of the kid's room - the emphasis instead being placed on creating a space to contain noise and an ever-growing collection of toys!

The Kidspace furniture range includes everything from bunk beds to cupboards specifically built withchildren in mind, but with an eye towards unique design and appeal. Some beds are built together with desk space, and others with numerous compartments and shelves in the base and headboard for storage - giving parents a further option when attempting to solve the dilemma of where to put everything. There are even beds that include material parts that extend to build tents, tunnels and towers around the frame, adding creative value for children with vivid imaginations.

The colours range from bold primary colours to girly pinks and pastel shades. Many of their units are traditional in appearance, with some modern flourishes, but where Kidspace really stands out is with its quirkier, contemporary takes on children's furniture, such as the Orlando bed. Also, some of the units - for example the Kube storage shelves - are at the perfect height for younger children to tidy away their stuff themselves.

Cheery, modern styling with materials and a choice of colours to suit any interior scheme means that parents can enjoy designing their kid's bedroom just as much as their little one will enjoy spending time in it. And anything that makes sending the ‘little angels' to bed a little easier is sure to be welcomed by parents everywhere! You can buy buy Kidspace furniture at Littlewoods, where you'll find the items mentioned above and much more.