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Getting that perfect kitchen - Our guide to the top 5 kitchen accessories

No detail is to small when it comes to contemporary kitchen design

Decking your kitchen out in the latest accessories is a sure-fire way to ensure that your home is the envy of your neighbours. From integrated appliances to floral crockery, no detail is too small when it comes to contemporary kitchen design.

Country, galley and contemporary fitted kitchens can all benefit from an a few added extras and not all have to make a large dent in your interior budget.

Here are the top five accessories that will serve to modernise even the blandest of kitchen spaces:

1. Gadgets galore: No kitchen would be complete without a four-slice toaster, electric grill or smoothie maker. If you want to add a retro look to your kitchen, try investing in a kettle that you need to warm up on your hob, or try a 50s style kettle. A multi-teared steamer is ideal for cooking vegetables, meat and fish in one go. A salad spinner was a popular family favourite in the 70s, and its most modern incarnation sees it encased in a ceramic bowl.

2. Modern appliances: Anything from energy efficient washing machines, to American style double fridges with integrated ice machines will help to bring your kitchen right up to date. A microwave that also acts as a small cooker could also help to add a sleek and time saving touch to your kitchen. A large capacity dishwasher is also essential for ensuring that piles of dirty plates don't blight your pristine kitchen surfaces.

3. Delightful drawers: Fill your drawers with cutlery that is finished off with colourful handles, add a square colander to your repertoire or invest in a selection of knives that would be good enough to rival the collection of any celebrity chef. Invest in towers of pots and pans that fit neatly inside each other and go for multi-functional gadgets such as the 4-in-1 Garlic Press One that minces, chops, slices, or juliennes. Add a selection of handcrafted wooden spoons to your collection to add a touch of joy to your salad-making endeavours.

4. Stylish surfaces: Use tea towels and other accessories to help you bring all elements of your kitchen style together. Choose towels in vibrant colours with colourful motifs. Dot kitchen surfaces with pestal and mortars, bottles of olive oil and electric pepper grinders. Choose a checkerboard work surface for an unusual touch to your kitchen. Pots for sugar, tea and coffee can also be chosen to complete your kicthen's colour scheme.

5. Lighting: Adding pendant lighting and modern fluorescent lighting will help you to alter the ambience of your kitchen. Down lights can also be positioned around the edge of a kitchen to target worktops or other areas where a direct light is required. Spot lighting along ceilings can also help to illuminate your entire kitchen. Kitchen lighting generally falls into three main categories: ambient, accent and task lighting. Each group can work towards creating a comfortable and homely atmosphere in your kitchen space.

Although fixtures and fittings are the glue that holds a kitchen design together, the correct kitchen accessories can really serve to enhance the overall look and feel of your kitchen.