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Features for every style of home

Home décor can be difficult. It’s important to get the style right.

Home décor can be difficult. It's important to get the style right. To make sure all the features in a room work together in one cohesive mix. But what style do you choose? With buzzwords like minimalist, rustic, contemporary, classic all having their say on all things interior design it's difficult to get to grips with exactly which style you should be targeting.

How will you know if it's a style that's set to stand the test of time or just a passing fad? If you invest considerable sums in your home's interior you don't want to change things again next season.

But, whatever style you choose, there are certain features that will always work. Things you can build the room around whichever look you're trying to achieve. Here we take a look at our favourite features that just work with everything!


Since the Victorian times, fireplaces have been staple features of homes in Britain. Whether you live in a classic Victorian semi or you've moved into a new build, nothing creates a comforting atmosphere like a fireplace.

If your home décor just screams contemporary, think about a marble or limestone fireplace, or even a wall mounted fire. For those of you that can't get enough of a classic look in the home you can't beat a wooden or cast iron fireplace.

It's the kind of feature you can build into the focus of a room. For minimalist décor it's all about less is more; creating a centre piece or feature to build the room around. A fireplace is perfect for this. If you're thinking along the lines of rustic or shabby chic a classic fireplace is the best place to start. Throw in some intriguing and unique pieces of furniture and you're getting there.

Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves may immediately conjure images of rustic country interior designs, but it doesn't have to be the case. Yes if that's what you're going for it'll be the perfect piece for your home, but if you're all about contemporary living it's still something that can work with even the most modern of furniture. Think a modern stylish wood burning stove perfectly placed in the corner of the most sleek and stylish contemporary kitchen.


Picking the perfect blinds will fit in with any style. If you want rustic, think wooden blinds. For stylish, sleek and simple décor opt for some pleated blinds; or if classic styles are what sets your interior design pulse beating, choose simple Roman blinds.

Four Poster Bed

For some, this may seem a little over indulgent. But if you can't have exactly what you want in your own bedroom, where can you? A four poster bed may instantly lend itself to an interior design scheme steeped in the past, but it really doesn't have to. A classic piece of furniture like this works with anything whether modern or old. As a centre piece for the bedroom; it doesn't get any better than this.