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Regulating your home environment

Is your home perfect? It could be with just a few simple additions.

Your home needs to be perfect, but sometimes it isn't. You might have decided on the ideal colour scheme, got your soft furnishings down to a tee, but it still just isn't quite how we want it. It's a problem many of us have - certain rooms in the home which we just can't get right. Whether it's a damp cellar, cold conservatory or badly designed bathroom there are solutions. They can be saved.

Here are just a couple of tips on how to do just that.


The addition of a conservatory can be an elegant touch to your home. It is also a bright, sunny room ideal for enjoying in summer. The downside is that when the summer heat finally kicks in it can become sweltering in there and an uncomfortable place to sit.

An air conditioning unit for your conservatory is the perfect choice. It will enable you to instantly regulate the temperature in the room making it the ideal place to enjoy the summer sun and relax. If you have a little DIY skill yourself, many air conditioning units are simple and easy to fit. If not you can get it installed quickly and easily leaving you to relax and enjoy one of the best rooms in your home.


It would be great to really use this space and transform it into another bedroom, maybe even a sitting room or lounge. If that remains a pipe dream for another year, the current use of your cellar is probably storage. Maybe you head down there to use the dryer and bigger freezer. Either way being down there probably isn't the most enjoyable experience, especially if it's damp.

Damp isn't great for you when you descend down the stairs, but most importantly it's not great for whatever you're storing. Whether it's old photographs, or family heirlooms if it's damp, mould can appear which could potentially ruin everything you're storing.

A dehumidifier will keep the moisture in the air regulated eradicated problems like mould, damp and mildew.


The bathroom is a place that should always be warm. One of the worst feelings is stepping out of the shower to a cold room, instantly forgetting the steaming temperatures you were enjoying three seconds ago.

The best solution is to choose from a bathroom heater range. Opting to have a bathroom heater installed will ensure you can regulate the temperature in your bathroom keeping it at a suitable heat for the exact moments when you need it.

Fitted to the wall, bathroom heaters are easy to install and most importantly, being manufactured by the latest technology they consume less electricity - which is good news for your utility bills.
Is your home perfect? It could be with just a few simple additions.