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Breakfast Bar Stools In Your Kitchen

With so many options available, there's really no better time to introduce your home to the beauty of a breakfast bar.

Over the last decade, breakfast bars have made big waves in the kitchen furnishings industry. Formidable but fashionable, these stylish structures are taking the world by storm. Primed to reinvent the kitchen with striking panache, breakfast bars exude a distinctively modern kind of elegance.

Built in a number of shapes and styles, each breakfast bar infuses the home with a sense of its own identity. Often taking the form of a worktop embellishment - though occasionally presenting themselves in the form of islands - breakfast bars occupy a number of chic guises. Their visual effectiveness can vary from bar to bar, though all are bound by one common trait: luxury. Walnut offers a deliciously rustic aesthetic while granite exudes a lavish sheen. And while the standard breakfast bar looms large at 90cm, taller versions are available for those who like to go big. 100-110cm-high breakfast bars create the commercial effect, and offer the durability to match.

In addition to this, breakfast bars span the spectrum of shapes and sizes. From the geometric to the arched, there's a bar to accompany every theme. Rounded, horseshoe shapes mesmerise in addition to facilitating movement around the kitchen. Some even incorporate cooking utensils within their midst, be it a homely hob or a teppanyaki grill, enabling you to make a cabaret of cookery. The possibilities are genuinely endless. Invite your friends around for a coffee and soak up the ambient allure of your new kitchen whilst sitting on your breakfast bar stools enjoying the day pass.

Airy, wooden structures will inspire creative minds, producing an excellent backdrop against which children can complete their homework. Pull a laptop up to the bar and you can get to work in the comfort of your kitchen, while sampling the delights of an accompanying breakfast bar stool. By night the breakfast bar becomes a bona fide bar; a heavenly hub where you can crack open a beer as you reflect on the day's happenings. More creative characters may even wish to transform theirs into a cocktail bar, where the mojitos flow and the good times go on until the sun rises. That's the beauty of the breakfast bar: endlessly versatile, it can be as subtle or as show stopping as you desire.

Indeed, the breakfast bar stands as a modern furnishing for the modern age. And while dining chairs possess their own perpetual appeal, they've met a magnificent match in the form of kitchen stools. One of the benefits of these items lies in their effortless blend of beauty and technological excellence. Unlike chairs, breakfast bar stools integrate useful mechanisms that are conducive to both relaxation and great thinking. A swivel stool will prove functional yet therapeutic; slowly rotating in perfect synchronisation with the cogs of your mind. Gas lift bar stools enable you to adjust the height, creating a real bespoke experience.

With so many options available, there's really no better time to introduce your home to the beauty of a breakfast bar.