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How to create an overarching consistent style for your bedroom

Follow these simple tips to achieve a beautiful, consistent look, without breaking the bank.



Are you looking to decorate your bedroom? Don't know where to start? Follow these simple tips to achieve a beautiful, consistent look, without breaking the bank.

The best way to ensure that your bedroom looks stunning is to give it an overarching, consistent style. This can be done to suit any taste and colour scheme, but if you aren't sure exactly what style you would like, here's a simple tip. Imagine that the room is the setting to a wonderful story; what story do you want to tell?

Once you've chosen your story, you can begin to build up your style. The best way to do this is to select one item of furniture that really sums up the mood and atmosphere of your story. In many cases, this will be a well-chosen bed, quite simply because your bed is normally the largest and most used item in a bedroom. It's therefore important to choose a bed that really shows of your style. Check out the great range available at Dreams beds.

Once you've chosen your focal piece of furniture, you are ready to build up your style around it. First look at the colour palette, this should match the style and theme of your focal point, but it should also be tailored to the size and layout of your room. If your room is on the small side, it's best to use a neutral palette for the main walls and keep your bold colours for furnishings. If your room is larger then you can use your main colours on a single wall, which will help to add a rich and warm feeling to the bedroom.

Now that you have your walls decorated, it's time to add more furnishings. Look back at your focal piece of furniture and find objects that compliment this piece without stealing the focus. If your bed has an ornate metal headboard, it might be good to find a mirror with a similar finish or a curtain rail that reflects the original style. It's important not to get carried away with finishing touches. When adding soft furnishings, the print of your fabric can say as much as the quantity of items. For example, a couple of well-chosen cushions in an elaborate tribal print will showcase your carnival theme more than filling the room with a large selection of brightly coloured cushions.

Another important consideration for your bedroom is storage, but don't worry, choosing practical storage won't mean that you have to compromise on your bedroom's new overarching style.  There are many different types of storage available, from traditional wicker baskets, to hidden under-bed boxes, hanging silk bags and subtle shoe racks. If you feel confused by the choice of storage options out there, it's important to think back to your piece of focal furniture and the story that your room tells.

Follow these simple tips and you are sure to end up with a beautiful, coherent bedroom design.