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The work hard, play hard ethic

9-5 is changing, so embrace this different work ethic with a new home working space.

As technology advances the boundaries between work and play are becoming very blurred. Whether you've synced work emails to your phone or need to be hot on social media real-time for your business, the demands of our work life are now more integrated into our home lives; we're finding it harder to switch off. It might be a drag but let's face it; 9-5 is changing so embrace this different work ethic with a new home working space. Check out Neville Johnson's exclusive range of fitted home offices - but banish boring thoughts because these home working spaces are simply gorgeous...

Think of your home office as adult space, rather than just a room that is used for potentially boring or stressful situations.  Whether you need a dedicated working environment or somewhere to house all your day-to-day admin then Neville Johnson fitted study furniture can help if you're after a stylish solution. 

A loft is a fantastic way to introduce a work environment to your home. Tucked away at the top of the house, turning this space into a working hub means you won't encroach on any of your rooms used in your home for relaxing. Remember not to think too corporately - opt for exposed wooden beams and cream fitted furniture for a rustic look. The benefit of innovative fitted office furniture is that all your individual storage and business requirements will be taken into consideration, creating a clean, efficient working space which will translate into increased productivity.

If you really want to get away from it all then converting your garage into a home office space is the perfect solution. If you mean serious business then a converted garage means you get away from the noise and chaos of home living in your very own work suite.  Make this space an extension of your home by showing off your interior design skills with stylish fitted furniture. Try a Y-shaped desk if you're going to be having clients over... and if you can fit a drinks fridge in there you can really start to master the skills of learning to work and play!

If you can't dedicate a whole room for your home-office needs, then why not invest in a floor to ceiling study library? They're a cool and quirky way to keep all your office needs in one place. Opt for a free standing wooden ladder for a grand manor house feel. It's such an elegant look. Hall space is often over-looked so if you're short of space then it's worth considering this nifty room for your office needs.

The truth is the nature of 9-5 is rapidly changing so it's time you upgraded your home and embraced this alteration to working life. And, with such stylish designs it'll almost make work fun!