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Hot home furnishing trends for 2012

Take a look at our pick of the top home furnishing trends for 2012.



With more and more of us getting design-savvy, the interest in home decor trends has never been higher. With exotic Mediterranean inspired colour palettes, romantic al-fresco looks, and cosy textiles all making a big impression this year, it's easy to refresh your living space and give your home that ‘wow' factor. Take a look at our pick of the top home furnishing trends for 2012.

Inner Gardens

The keyword is ‘Al Fresco' this summer. This is a definite escape from the modern high-tech world to a look that sees us stepping into the great outdoors. Look out for romantic garden styles with florals and lattice patterns making a big impression. There's also an interest in more modest materials such as ceramic and paper - all adding to that rustic feel. The colour palette is based on nature - so go for a fabric sofa in neutral or pebble colours.

Mediterranean Looks

Look out for trends that embrace our love of exotic lands. As a reflection of the ever-popular fashion obsession with all things nautical, expect to see sailor stripes, bright blues, and other sophisticated cruise-inspired touches. From Spanish and Tuscan, to Moroccan and Greek influences - this look focuses on simplicity and warmth. Organic materials including shells, cocoa twigs and banana leaves will also add finishing touches to this trend.

Cosy and Warm

This design trend is all about escaping to the country. The homespun Americana look will include stylized floral prints and folk art designs. Anything that adds a vintage touch such as hammered and forged hardware and furniture with a rough and uncut look will prove to be popular. As for bedrooms, layering sheets, blankets and throws instead of a duvet will add an extra layer of softness and warmth. Don't forget those little touches like Victorian animal prints and vintage stamps.   

Sleek, Subtle and Modern

As a contrast to the popular rustic look, many designers are embracing high-tech trends too.  Laptop desks, gaming stations, and Wii® storage pieces will be available in a variety of styles. Choose motion furniture such as sofa recliners in sleek and subtle designs - especially leather. In interiors, expect to see furniture and fittings that are cascading and moulded. There will also be heavy metal, industrial glass and lightweight mesh. Kitchens will look real and tough and rust will be used as a colour and a material.

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