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Colour-Pop Kitchen Interiors

Have fun with colour this winter

Have fun with colour this winter.

Is your modern kitchen starting to feel cold with all of those stainless-steel appliances? Warm it up with colourful kitchen accessories, tools and appliances.

The first days of winter are nearly upon us; the summer season is steadily coming to an end and the swift move from bright to dark has already become apparent as the days get shorter and the nights much longer. This yearly event is something that has a more profound effect on our lives than we rarely anticipate; with the arrival of winter the measure of our general mood and happiness is shifted and year after year it is never truly realised until it is too late. This year we are planning ahead, and what better way than to evade the winter blues by transforming your home into a hub of warmth, comfort and happiness.  

There are lots of small ways to make the long days cooped up at home more enjoyable. Apart from all the activities you can invent to keep you and your offspring occupied between now and the arrival of Christmas; the atmosphere of your home is key. The kitchen for example can feel like an elegant, shiny haven during the summer when light reflects off every surface, flowers fresh from the garden project a burst of colour in contrast to the stark stainless steel, and friends and family conceal the big, empty spaces with warmth and laughter. Come winter, however, and your minimalistic, über glossy pride and joy suddenly feels....cold.  

At this time of year, our kitchen's need cheering up, and we interiors addicts constantly find ourselves searching for inspiration to liven up the heart of our homes through the grey winter days.  Colour is a perfect way to brighten up your home; invest in playful and colourful kitchen accessories such as kettles and toasters, or be daring and give an entire wall a make-over - the possibilities are endless. We love these fearless kettle and toaster sets from Morphy Richards that come in a range of colours including hot orange.

The use of colour in our home allows us to express our personality and individuality, as well as making the most contemporary of rooms intimate and inviting. In a recent survey conducted by Dulux Paints, it has been revealed that blue is the favourite colour of over half the world's population. A staggering 42% of males and 30% of females declared that blue is their colour of choice, with red and green coming in second and third place respectively. Interesting yellow - the colour of sunshine, sun flowers and general happiness - it the least favourite colour worldwide with only 5% respondents citing it to be there favourite. Peacock colours from a vibrant turquoise to serene ocean hues, blues are definitely on trend in both the home design world as well as on the catwalks and would look beautiful against stainless steel, especially those with a powdery finish.

Blue is an incredibly bold colour for any room and does require absolute commitment, but when done in great taste, it can incredible. It can also be balanced well with colourful accessories and wall hangings. For a real contrast experiment with orange hues such as apricot or terracotta, which alongside the blue will be a great homage to colour-pop. Even a beautiful fruit bowl kept replenished with a bright variety of fruit will add real vitality to your kitchen.

However big or small your kitchen may be you can have great fun with colour this winter. Decide exactly how you want to express yourself, assess how much room you have to work with, and enjoy playing with a combination of colours as you add warmth and energy to your home.