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Get Coastal Cosy in Your Home

Coastal-style living spaces donít have to be limited to homes with a sea view

Coastal-style living spaces don't have to be limited to homes with a sea view. On the contrary, this look is perfect if you want to create a crisp, refreshing and quirky living space. This quick-fix guide, brought to you by Matalan homeware, can help you transform you lounge into a coastal cosy paradise.

First up, white and blue should be your key colour palette. Start by white-washing your walls. If you want a feature wall, the colour to opt for is a gentle aqua-marine shade of turquoise, which will really bring out the coastal tones. If your living space is on the small side, and you think that an aqua-marine feature wall will make your room seem more submarine than coastal chic, try this instead.

Sandy and blue-grey furniture will give you an equally ‘beachy' feel despite the lighter shades. Get your hands on lots of light blue tones for your fabrics and cushions so that when you jumble-up your sofa with lots of cosy cushions, it'll reflect the haze of a summer sky.

White wash floorboards are also key for hitting the coastal cosy nail on the head. If you'd prefer dark wooden boards these also hark back to a ship deck, so this one is up to you.

If you've got a dark wooden coffee table or bookshelf then why not give them a facelift by lashing on a whitewash. The beauty of coastal cosy is that it doesn't have to be a perfectly neat finish. If you've got streaks of dark wood coming through this is perfect. Top tip! If you are going down this route - don't skimp on the nautical trinkets, otherwise, your lounge will just look like a DIY experiment gone wrong!

Maybe you've got an old arm-chair that's too comfy or precious to sell: then don't - upgrade it! Loose nautical striped fabrics and throws will rework this chair into something right out of a beach hut.

Azure blue is the perfect shade as your accent colour. Try azure blue accessories such as painted wooden photo frames, cushions, throws and trinkets which will bring out the sea blue and complement your clean, crisp white walls.

Beach-themed ornaments are a must. White starfish and shelves with shells will all add to a cosy, coastal vibe, as will seascape artwork, like lighthouse canvases and sea shore images. If you've got a favourite beach from a special holiday, why not take a holiday snap and have it enlarged onto a canvas? That way your lounge will be totally personal to you.

Check out flea markets and vintage shops near you for a chunky barrel - they make great space to store throws, logs etc and will epitomise the sailor style - ahoy! Wicker is another fantastic way to achieve that docked ship coastal vibe. Wicker storage boxes perfect for scooping away all the mess that seems to naturally accumulate over the course of a day!

And remember - nautical isn't just a key look for your home, it's a really strong look in the fashion stakes too. Make sure you're at the front of it all this season and not only get your home coastal chic but your wardrobe too - check out women's clothing from Matalan to see what they've got to offer you. Aye aye, captain!