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Keep your home warm with new windows

Are your windows letting in more than sunlight?

Are your windows letting in more than sunlight? Sick of hearing the sounds of traffic from your bedroom? It may be time to update your windows. Having modern, up-to-date windows keeps your home warm and can improve the look of the building from the outside, especially if you have old and tired frames. Homeowners often don't think of their windows when taking on a home improvement project, but a set of windows should be changed every 15-20 years. Old windows cost you more than you might think: up to 50% of heat can be lost through old and damaged windows, giving you larger energy bills and chilly nights.

There are a variety of window types available these days, allowing you to stick to a traditional aesthetic or go for something more modern. The windows most people are familiar with are vertical sliding sash windows, popular in Victorian buildings. They simply open by sliding the top half down or the bottom half up. Traditionally they used ropes and weights to open, but modern models have new systems that have eradicated this sometimes dangerous system. Pivot hung windows pivot on two points in the centre of the window frame, allowing the window to move 180° for easy cleaning and to be opened more to let a breeze in. They are popular in high rise buildings and loft conversions.

When choosing new windows the issue of period buildings often comes up. When a building is listed it is not so easy to simply order a set of windows and pop them in. But this doesn't mean you have to live with old, out dated windows. There are a variety of manufacturers who make timber glazing bars to create styles that cannot be replicated with other materials. They are also able to replicate existing glazing bars while creating energy-efficient double glazed windows giving you modern comfort without destroying traditional aesthetics.

When choosing new windows, do your homework. Window companies online showcase all their very newest products and can inspire you to move from simple sash windows to something easier to clean. In a building without air conditioning you could benefit greatly from changing to windows with greater movement, but still have trusted double glazing to keep you warm when you'd prefer the air left outside. Choose your style and your fitter and get set to enjoy a warm home and lower energy costs.