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Get a Country Kitchen with 5 Easy Changes

Why not start the winter months in style and redecorate the hub of your home country style?

The winter months always bring a resurgence of people back to their kitchens: as al fresco dining becomes near impossible you'll probably find that you spend more time as a family indoors. Why not start the winter months in style and redecorate the hub of your home country style? It's such a timeless look that's classy and sustainable; it rarely goes out of fashion. Today you can learn how to transform your kitchen with 5 quick fix tips:


Chairs are an extremely important feature in a kitchen and shouldn't be overlooked. They've got to be comfy enough to withstand sitting down for hours on end at a dinner party but also need to look the part too. If you're looking for inspiration then try Barker and Stonehouse dining chairs for your kitchen. Painted finishes are popular designs for country kitchen chairs as it gives a really rustic feel.


If your kitchen is big enough, opt for the biggest table you can find; one that looks as though it has stood the test of time groaning under the weight of glorious food. To get the rustic, country feel try a stripped pine or oak table. If not, and your kitchen is slightly on the small side, vintage wooden stalls will help create a country look.


Tiles are also a great way to inject some colour into your kitchen but try and match them to the overall theme of your room. Think soft, pastels and creamy greys if your country kitchen features white-wash wood and brighter primary colours if your design incorporates deep pine and varnished wood. If you've got the resource, an exposed brick feature wall is a classic country look.


A key look for a country kitchen involves hanging pots, pans, baking bowls, trays from the ceiling above your table. This creates the effect of a working kitchen, bustling with budding chefs! Stack your ladles, wooden spoons, spatulas and other crockery in big vases for a really extravagant look.


You want your country kitchen to look as natural as possible so exposed appliances like washing machines and fridges are best kept hidden away with a wooden frontier or in a pantry. China tea sets, wooden baskets and extravagant cake tins will all help create the illusion of a quirky, cosy kitchen. You can accessorise with your chairs too by placing padded, side-tie cushions for a cosy touch so if you are looking for new dining room chairs click here.

Finally, it's the little things that make all the difference: keeping your eggs in a wooden basket on the side will give off a farmhouse feel (no one needs to know you bought them from a supermarket!), as will lots of fresh fruit and baked goods. Overall, a country kitchen should make you want to spend time in it and encourage your family to make the most out of the heart of your home. Enjoy!